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you dance like a dad at a disco

what would morrissey say?

trouble kid
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welcome to the music journal of motorscooter! this is basically a place for me to share my current favorite songs with you. all posts are friends locked, so you'll need to add me, and leave a comment in the friends only post before you can get any content.

i like tons of different types of music. for an idea of what i listen to, you can view my last.fm or my playlist. there are also some bands & artists listed in my interests below.

1. be courteous. if you download something, please leave a comment to let me know. i like to know who is taking what i upload & i'd also love to know what you thought of it!
2. do not ask me to upload an album for you. if you like a song that i've posted here & you'd like to hear more, i'd be happy to upload for you a few more songs, but there are communities for album requesting.
3. if you don't like a song or artist i've posted, please do not bash it. i don't bash your music, so please don't bash mine.

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the photo used in my header is by the lovely & talented andrewkendall!!